Friday, April 27, 2012

Scroll-Scroll-Scroll Your Comment Gently Down...NOT!

Surely I'm not the fastest typist, nor reader on the planet.  I'll even go so far as to admit, "I read very slowly, because I tend to focus more on comprehending the words set before me."

In this day and age and especially on that all to popular venue known as the internet, those walking in same shoes that I lace up, or reading in the same "slow reading" lane that I navigate, have a price to pay.  The frustration of trying to read ,while that article, and or post that grabbed your attention scrolls merrily-merrily-merrily down your content stream. 
 Even some of the worlds faster readers have been distracted for a split second, turned back to there screens and wondered, "where was I, or where did that article go that fast."  Some of these streaming networks that we all flock to have built in counter measures wherein one can set the rate with which his or her stream refreshes. That' a good thing.

But, then there are some of the newer and more popular streams that flow at their own pace, and the more people you follow the faster your stream tends to flow.  Like mother-nature, and those streams with refresh rate controls, all networks that deliver content should offer some sort of "bend in the stream" like mother-nature does, or the much appreciated "refresh rate control" we find on some streaming networks.
 This impediment is especially frustrating to deal with when one is attempting to type in a comment.  As a blogger I know how valuable this feedback is.  I would hate to think that bloggers are missing out on this source just because some would rather not attempt to comment because they know the frustration of trying to type while that comment box is continually rolling down the stream.

I'll go one further, and put myself on blast.  I've recently come to love G+, and as my circles get larger and more content is added to my stream, I can't keep up with the damn thing. So, what do I do?  I can't give it up.  Those that know the Gaming Oracle, know that I'm attempting to make injustice known.
 I can't allow my personal frustrations to prevent me from sharing my cause with those on G+.  Then again, maybe I just so damn busy with my cause that I just have not run across the "scroll rate control" option, or button on G+. Help, Help-Help!

I tend to think that the above is not the case, why?  Well for one I've taken the time to read Mr. Guy Kawasaki's book "What the Plus, Google+ for the Rest of Us."  Mr. Kawasaki covered several key advantages and benefits of using G+, but if memory serves me correctly, there was no mention of a "scroll rate control" option or button.  I'll double check, beside this make a great excuse for me to revisit this great read, "What the Plus."

Here on blogger one does not have to wrestle with the scrolling issue.  So, please if you know of a way to solve this please share.  If there is no solution, join me in making this issue known to G+ and maybe if we can get enough "+1's" on this topic google will hear our plea's.
 Thank you for viewing, and you may now rejoin your regular streaming network.
I Do We Do!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Bad and The Good, Retreaded Tires

Always under constant scrutiny, the retreaded tire is vital product to America's, and the worlds trucking industry. But, when the worlds highway and interstate's become a literal dumping ground for this products debris causing life-cycle, the remains left on the highways can become dangerous.
  Bryce Anslinger, recent article at, entitled "Retread tire failure leads to deadly Northern Kentucky crash," give's us a reminder of the dangers that retreaded tire debris can cause.  Mr. Anslinger's report tells the story of how retread tire debris was sited as the cause of a fatal accident, when a driver stopped because of the debris and the car was rear-ended.
The manufactures of retread tires stand behind their product's and one such company shares in the video below how retreads are made and some of the safety factors and inspections that a done in the process of making a retreaded tire. 
 The trucking industry must weigh tire cost as one means of keeping prices for this service down, yet there is also a need to address these safety concerns. In the video found within Mr. Anslinger's post a highway patrolman gives us some good advice, that is not to swerve, take firm grip of the steering wheel and drive over the debris.

I agree with the officer above, that yes you may sustain some damage to your vehicle, but you will live to tell about it and possibly avoid harming your passengers and other motorists.  I'm going to heed this advice if I'm thrust into such a situation. I hope you Do Too!
 Thanks for viewing, the weathers breaking and driving is on the rise so please share this with friend's and family.

I Do We Do!

Friday, April 20, 2012

I Do We Do "The Most"

Ever wonder, what I do most?  No, I'm not asking if you ponder what this writer does most.  I'm just one, not known by the many, so why would one ask oneself about another one. 

Wait, the above happens. (I'll get back to that, promise) But, please let me finish the introduction of my premise.  At some point in time we all pause for a little introspective analysis of the things we've done, or want to do. Aah-the question arises, what I do most?
 I believe human nature itself quells our thoughts on this topic, why?  By nature we just do.  Do you think the early hunter-gather's woke up in the morning to the active thought process of: "Hmm? me hungry, want food, me hunt-get food, so me eat."  No, they just did it. There were no billboards back then brandishing motivational slogans like, "Just Do It" of "get her done."
 You think one of the above gather's, out of the blue just said, "gathering is what I do most."  At what point would on think about this.  Well maybe in response to a question from some one else.  Who know, maybe some clan calling themselves "reporters" went around asking others: "what do you do?"  So in response one would have to think about it, and then respond, "I mostly this or what I do most is..."

What happens if one decides that they no longer want to hunt or gather for themselves?  Well that's when they begin to be concerned with what another is doing and how that other can come to do for them what they no longer desire to do for themselves.

More likely than not, another will see that the one above doesn't hunt or gather for their self, so why should they have too. Low and behold, every day some one gets pissed, and drawn into the cycle. They (the one now pissed-off) realize that they are always doing someone else's shit.  "What do I do Most" they ask, answer, other's shit, I'm pissed!
 I can feel it, some are starting to hate, then again the number of nay-sayer's are growing.  So, I ask those.  Ever see "the 10 Most" this or "the 5 Most" that?  Yeah I thought so, especially seeing that you currently within the "offending venue" so to speak.  You see, one of the most things we do most is ponder what others are thinking, doing, or feeling most. (Nosey aren't we?)
 Now that you've thought about it, the second paragraph of this post is true, huh?  Right now you're thinking mostly about all of the other thins this writer could be doing, or writing about.  Hunger, world peace, the economy, or you for that matter. Nope, who wants to read about all the shit you don't wanna  do? The world only cares about doing or wanna do, hence I write that shit.

Calm down, slow your roll, I'm just like you, I have a daily grind too.  But I have a release as well.  Who knew, when I was young I never read for pleasure. Now, not only am I reading for pleasure, but hopefully I'm writing for your pleasure as well.
 Oh!  Before you get back to what you do.  Please, if I may ask, if you know someone having a bad day or they're stressing over something, share this post with them.  They will either thank you, or curse you out.  Either way they will have turned their focus on something else, and maybe owe you a thank you later.

Thanks for viewing,
I Do We Do!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Show Tupac Shakur Respect Too!

Oft times there are subliminal messages in all the things surrounding us in this world.  With the millions upon millions of things to do in this world, one that should always come to the forefront is the giving of respect.

This post was spawned by the trending topic of the late hip-hop legend, Tupac Shakur's holographic appearance at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival  in Indio, California. I was proud to see one of hip-hop's legends, and a beloved son of the African-American community honored and remembered in such a ground breaking fashion.
 It is rare for such an honor to be bestowed upon members of the African-American community.  As a proud member of this great community I applaud all those that made this tribute possible.  Again, because it is rare that we are in a position to make such tributes possible, and when the few that are in such a positions forego the opportunity to make such events possible the world is robbed of these cultural experience's.
 Yes the holographic technology is awesome, and it must be a sight to behold.  But, look at Dr. Dre's vision. Recognize his efforts to honor and give back to the hip-hop culture. Those type of actions, commitments, and sacrifices command respect.

If we look around the new today, this issue of respect is paramount.  We can't see it, it's not embellished in the headlines of the most prevalent news stories, but the under currents are there.  Were there not stories about the publication of photo's of the Whitney Houston services.  That broached the appropriateness of publishing images of the deceased.
 Ponder this for a moment, in the United States of America, no matter the cultural background, it is commonplace and almost expected that when one speaks of the deceased, and or begins to mention one that is deceased, the speaker will say, either: "God bless the dead, or may they rest in peace."

By stating the above one show's respect for the departed. Then there a situations where the deceased has reached the stature of being a public figure. When this occurs they are usually addressed as the "late."  Again, this is a show of respect.  If I were to write about the late Elvis Presley I would mention him in such a fashion.
This is where I encountered a problem with some of the stories I saw sprawled across the internet in reference to the late Tupac Shakur.  The one's that most disturbed me were those that read: "the dead Tupac Shakur, Watch a Dead Tupac, Dead Rapper Tupac, Murdered Tupac, and the list goes on and on.

Upon reading these headlines and stories, and becoming chilled by this open "disrespect," I was moved to do a search for "dead Tupac Shakur." All I can say is, WOW!  Try it, see for yourself.  Yeah it’s a trending topic but this phraseology is disrespectful.
 If you think that I am because I am African-American, I'll beg to differ, because the major new media appear to have respect.  Look at the reports of CBS, ABC, and other big media's coverage of the story and you will not find such disrespectful language. 

I'm not earning a living on this venue, and I would be one of the first to boast of the power and benefits of the internet.  But, now due to the error's of a few I must say there may be a  downside.  It's fixable though.  I'm quite sure once addressed it can be corrected.  That is one of the many positives of this outlet, it is open and self-correcting.

So, let's correct this, viewers, user's, and fellow blogger's, then we all can take the opportunity to enjoy this breakthrough technology.  If you haven't seen this amazing video here's a link below, enjoy.
 Thank you,
I Do We Do! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

You Can Get There From Here

Instruction are like road maps but no one reads instructions anymore, so what are we going to do,  fire the thousands upon thousands of people working for companies writing instructions for all of the products we buy?

I don't think that’s going to happen.  Then I could boldly proclaim that I read most instructions for most of the things I buy. Whoop-tee-doo, so what is one "I Do" worth? Not much.
 I'm just getting around to reading some of the instructions for maximizing my interaction on the various social networks, so I must admit that I'm a little lax myself.  But, I did say to my self why not share what I've learned with others, why not help them expand their reach and get to meet some new and interesting people?

So how do you get from a Google blog to Facebook, then to maybe Twitter and so on, was my question. I've done a lot of Twittering to expose my other blog and I said wow, this is a lot of work going back and forth so, I said why not help those that want to maximize their posts or messages too. 

How, well all my friends at I Do We Do can post their public comment at I Do We Do, and as long as they are marked public they will be posted to Twitter as well. I have linked a presence on these two social networks.  I'm no genius folks, actually the two networks FB and Twitter have done all the work by collaborating on this linking process.  All I've done is create a community of like individuals that are interested in sharing what they are doing and learning what others are doing too.
 Why not take a look-see, become a friend of the I Do We Do community, make a post on the wall and watch the link.  Wait there's more, some of the more interesting entries may be expanded and become topic for this or another blog that's part of the Gaming Oracle family of blogs. "Blast From the Past or School Bias?" is a perfect example, I saw this story on a friends wall and decided to research it further and share it.
 Well there you have it, that's what I enjoy and or my thing to Do.  So, what about you, what do you Do?  Tell us at "I Do We Do" we're waiting to hear from you.
I Do We Do!   

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Do We Do Hopes To Do

Before I can truly explain to you what "I Do We Do" hopes to do, you must understand or have a feel for the premise, and basis of this inspiration.

I could not agree more with Mr. Guy Kawasaki that at some point or another, whether we are in an elevator, or not, we all get asked the question: "What do you do?"  The I Do We Do community #1 will seek to become a compilation of answers to this question as submitted by all of the individuals, businesses, and organizations that visit and become "Friends" or "Fans" of "I DoWe Do."

One can become a friend of "I Do We Do" by submitting a friend request to the "I Do We Do" community on Facebook.  The community can be followed on twitter @1Idowedo, and you may circle us on G+.  "Ido Wedo" is the [I Do We Do] username to find us under on G+.
 Some may choose to become "fans" of the "1 I Do We Do" page.  No matter which way you choose to view what's being posted to [I Do We Do], you will be able to view all the "what I do's" from all the individuals and organizations that are friends to the community. All of the postings marked public on  [I Do We Do] and [1 I Do We Do] become instant "Shout Out's" or "Tweets" on Twitter.  Some may choose to be friends of the community for this benefit alone, why not, one public post goes a lot further, and with half the effort.

Here at the blog you are reading now you will find stories related to some of the interesting post's or suggestions found on I Do We Do.  Like any well rounded newspaper or magazine this blog will cover story's relating to the following areas:

  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Food & Beverage
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • History
  • Internet
  • Meetings/Travel
  • Retail
  • Sales Marketing
  • Small Business
  • Telecom Wireless

The above list is not all inclusive, but I hope it wet's your appetite. This blog further hopes to serve as a guide to the I Do We Do community.  Exactly how this will be accomplished will be shaped by the growth and direction of the community itself.  Hence you will have input not only by being a friend or fan of the I Do We Do community but your posts may form the basis for articles here on the community's blog. 

I hope you are as excited about the potential of "I Do We Do" as I am.  I'm looking forward to, and I'm ready for the challenge of presenting this venue to you. Oh me, some know me already  as the man behind the blog "" I will continue to reveal injustice on that blog, but "I Do We Do" was an inspiration I had while reading Mr. Kawasaki's book "What the Plus." 

In closing I will ask, as I do in my other blog's, that you tell a friend or two about this site, especially if you have enjoyed  it.  No one appreciates your views and support more than the "Gaming Oracle" and now "I Do We Do."

Thank You,
I Do We Do!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coulda,Shoulda,Woulda's Opposite Is?

Each and every time we don't do something that we had a previous thought to do what is the first thing we say.  Oh, I could have done this, I should have, or if given the chance, I would have done so-in-so.
 Good news, if your reading this that means that your not dead and you have options.  At this very moment that I am writing this, I forget where I heard that, but I know that it stuck with me. "A dead person has no options that is."  If I think of where I heard it, I'll post it later.  Deal?

The idea for this blog came to me quite some time ago, and I figured now is a great time to just go ahead and get it done.  With two civil actions pending in a United States District Court I have been able to easily justify my procrastination of getting this blog up and running. But I don't want to carry around the baggage of what I coulda wrote.

On the other hand I would dread seeing a blog that's similar to my idea  become the talk of the "internet town," and I'm left saying, "I knew I shoulda done that."

Then there is always the age old, if only I woulda.  I'm not going out like that people, thanks to hearing that the dead have no options, I'm going to take advantage of every second to do.  Do, done, and did are the opposite of "coulda-shoulda-woulda.
 Sometimes there is enjoyment in just watching what others are doing and this becomes our "do" for that moment.  Think about this.  If some one asked you right now, what are you doing, and you were honest and told them, "reading 'I Do We Do' online," guess what reading I Do We Do has just become what you are doing and if you do it a lot, people will start to tell you: "all you do is read I Do We Do, that's all you do."

You might expect me to tell you that that would be a good thing, but that's not what I'm about, nor would I promote that because here on earth there are so many things to do that you and I could never begin to chronicle them all.   But I have decided to create a site where all can come to tell what they do, did, plan on doing, or have done.

You and I both have Guy Kawasaki's book "What the Plus" to thank for this inspiration.  I thank him for the nudge and you may want to thank him if this site grows to become a place that you turn to during your web adventures.

Guy Kawasaki wrote about a situation in an elevator wherein one person asks another "who are you, and what do you do?" Mr. Kawasaki termed the response to that question the answer's "personal elevator pitch."
 From that I thought, Hmm, he's right because what do you do has become an "introduction" so to speak. So what we do is important, and I have decided that this blog is "The who, what, where, when, and why we do, did, plan on doing, or can do in this world blog."  I have missed out on doing a lot, but then we all have times when we don't know what to do. Come here to find out from now one when you reach that state.

I gained further inspiration from Cigar Bob (GQ Gent), he's my brother and he needed something to do, so he started a page on Facebook about cigar's. All I can say is WOW! You'll be amazed at how fast he was able to find friends based upon the interest of cigars.

So, in that same vein, I'll invite you to click over to "I Do We Do's" Facebook  and share whatever you do. If you have a business, a great job, a hot date, tickets to a show you can't wait to see, whatever you want to share go ahead and post it.  From those post I will write about the interesting things that catch my eye.

The National Enquirer, say enquiring minds want to know, well here at I Do We Do we'll say that we're "not nosey just wanna know," why? Maybe someone else needs something to do and they can get inspiration from you.

I could go on and on, and risk loosing you before we get started, but I hope you see where I'm going with this and at this stage I can't give to much away, so please take a chance, join in on Facebook and bookmark or subscribe to the right. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you. Let's do some stuff!
 Thank You for viewing, tell a friend or two!
I Do We Do!