At some time or another we all ask:
  • Who did that?
  • What can I do?
  • When will "X" do?
  • Why they do that?

Some gladly share what they do, did or plan on doing.  Some don't, and the reasons for and against sharing and not sharing are endless.
 Right now you are reading a blog, but you may not blog to earn a living.  So what do you do?  But, you still don't know all that this writer does just because you are reading a product of one of the things I do.
 Some of what I will do here, will be to share with you, a few of the things I find out that others do, or have done.   I'll pass on, hopefully, interesting things you may want to consider doing, or make future plans to do.

I may not be able to tell you the "why" behind all that is done in this world, but when I do speak on the "why" it will be my opinion or the "why" as expressed by the doer.
 So, with all of the above said, I'd better get busy finding some things to tell you about, remember that's what I do.  You can contact me to share what you're doing, or tell us about an up coming event you're having or going to, just about whatever.

The above collectively, what I do, and what you share about what you do, will combine to make up what "We Do" here at "I Do We Do."  And that will be what this blog is about.

Thanks for viewing:
I Do We Do!