Friday, April 20, 2012

I Do We Do "The Most"

Ever wonder, what I do most?  No, I'm not asking if you ponder what this writer does most.  I'm just one, not known by the many, so why would one ask oneself about another one. 

Wait, the above happens. (I'll get back to that, promise) But, please let me finish the introduction of my premise.  At some point in time we all pause for a little introspective analysis of the things we've done, or want to do. Aah-the question arises, what I do most?
 I believe human nature itself quells our thoughts on this topic, why?  By nature we just do.  Do you think the early hunter-gather's woke up in the morning to the active thought process of: "Hmm? me hungry, want food, me hunt-get food, so me eat."  No, they just did it. There were no billboards back then brandishing motivational slogans like, "Just Do It" of "get her done."
 You think one of the above gather's, out of the blue just said, "gathering is what I do most."  At what point would on think about this.  Well maybe in response to a question from some one else.  Who know, maybe some clan calling themselves "reporters" went around asking others: "what do you do?"  So in response one would have to think about it, and then respond, "I mostly this or what I do most is..."

What happens if one decides that they no longer want to hunt or gather for themselves?  Well that's when they begin to be concerned with what another is doing and how that other can come to do for them what they no longer desire to do for themselves.

More likely than not, another will see that the one above doesn't hunt or gather for their self, so why should they have too. Low and behold, every day some one gets pissed, and drawn into the cycle. They (the one now pissed-off) realize that they are always doing someone else's shit.  "What do I do Most" they ask, answer, other's shit, I'm pissed!
 I can feel it, some are starting to hate, then again the number of nay-sayer's are growing.  So, I ask those.  Ever see "the 10 Most" this or "the 5 Most" that?  Yeah I thought so, especially seeing that you currently within the "offending venue" so to speak.  You see, one of the most things we do most is ponder what others are thinking, doing, or feeling most. (Nosey aren't we?)
 Now that you've thought about it, the second paragraph of this post is true, huh?  Right now you're thinking mostly about all of the other thins this writer could be doing, or writing about.  Hunger, world peace, the economy, or you for that matter. Nope, who wants to read about all the shit you don't wanna  do? The world only cares about doing or wanna do, hence I write that shit.

Calm down, slow your roll, I'm just like you, I have a daily grind too.  But I have a release as well.  Who knew, when I was young I never read for pleasure. Now, not only am I reading for pleasure, but hopefully I'm writing for your pleasure as well.
 Oh!  Before you get back to what you do.  Please, if I may ask, if you know someone having a bad day or they're stressing over something, share this post with them.  They will either thank you, or curse you out.  Either way they will have turned their focus on something else, and maybe owe you a thank you later.

Thanks for viewing,
I Do We Do!

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