Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Show Tupac Shakur Respect Too!

Oft times there are subliminal messages in all the things surrounding us in this world.  With the millions upon millions of things to do in this world, one that should always come to the forefront is the giving of respect.

This post was spawned by the trending topic of the late hip-hop legend, Tupac Shakur's holographic appearance at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival  in Indio, California. I was proud to see one of hip-hop's legends, and a beloved son of the African-American community honored and remembered in such a ground breaking fashion.
 It is rare for such an honor to be bestowed upon members of the African-American community.  As a proud member of this great community I applaud all those that made this tribute possible.  Again, because it is rare that we are in a position to make such tributes possible, and when the few that are in such a positions forego the opportunity to make such events possible the world is robbed of these cultural experience's.
 Yes the holographic technology is awesome, and it must be a sight to behold.  But, look at Dr. Dre's vision. Recognize his efforts to honor and give back to the hip-hop culture. Those type of actions, commitments, and sacrifices command respect.

If we look around the new today, this issue of respect is paramount.  We can't see it, it's not embellished in the headlines of the most prevalent news stories, but the under currents are there.  Were there not stories about the publication of photo's of the Whitney Houston services.  That broached the appropriateness of publishing images of the deceased.
 Ponder this for a moment, in the United States of America, no matter the cultural background, it is commonplace and almost expected that when one speaks of the deceased, and or begins to mention one that is deceased, the speaker will say, either: "God bless the dead, or may they rest in peace."

By stating the above one show's respect for the departed. Then there a situations where the deceased has reached the stature of being a public figure. When this occurs they are usually addressed as the "late."  Again, this is a show of respect.  If I were to write about the late Elvis Presley I would mention him in such a fashion.
This is where I encountered a problem with some of the stories I saw sprawled across the internet in reference to the late Tupac Shakur.  The one's that most disturbed me were those that read: "the dead Tupac Shakur, Watch a Dead Tupac, Dead Rapper Tupac, Murdered Tupac, and the list goes on and on.

Upon reading these headlines and stories, and becoming chilled by this open "disrespect," I was moved to do a search for "dead Tupac Shakur." All I can say is, WOW!  Try it, see for yourself.  Yeah it’s a trending topic but this phraseology is disrespectful.
 If you think that I am because I am African-American, I'll beg to differ, because the major new media appear to have respect.  Look at the reports of CBS, ABC, and other big media's coverage of the story and you will not find such disrespectful language. 

I'm not earning a living on this venue, and I would be one of the first to boast of the power and benefits of the internet.  But, now due to the error's of a few I must say there may be a  downside.  It's fixable though.  I'm quite sure once addressed it can be corrected.  That is one of the many positives of this outlet, it is open and self-correcting.

So, let's correct this, viewers, user's, and fellow blogger's, then we all can take the opportunity to enjoy this breakthrough technology.  If you haven't seen this amazing video here's a link below, enjoy.
 Thank you,
I Do We Do! 

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