Too many times people come and go on this earth and we never get a chance to look them square in the eye and say "I love you," or "thank you."

Since this blog is all about sharing, I Do We Do will share the love, say thanks, and pass on information and learning by what has come to be known and accepted world-wide as the "Shout-Out."

I Do We Do, does not intend to promote nor endorse any one individual, company, organization, or belief by sending them a "Shout-Out" below.  When this writer comes in contact with information, or learns something that I feel others can use or learn from as well, this is where I'll share.

Welcome to I Do We Do's Shout-Out Page, Shout-Out's to:

Benson Tire Commercial Truck Division:

2 Create A Website. Com:

Hostess and author Lisa Irby shares her knowledge of creating, managing,, and earning money from a website.

The Harlem Writers Guild

The Harlem Writers Guild (HWG) was founded in 1950 by wordsmiths/scholars/activists Rosa Guy, John Oliver Killens, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Willard Moore and Walter Christmas. HWG is the oldest organization of African-American writers in the United States, and probably in the world.

Marcie Writes:

Marcie Hill, will tell you that she loves to write.  Her passion for corporate writing and blogging is apparent in her blogs.  One will find that this hostess and author has a nice list of other topics she'll add to her mix as well.

Ms. Social Media:

Faydra Deon graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in African-American Studies and a minor in American History.  Her passion in these areas shine through in her blogs, websites, and books, which are so numerous that you'll have to visit this site to see for yourself.

Queen of the Ring. TV:

On a constant grind to "Rep the Brand" (QOTR) and stay true to Hip-Hop, Babs Bunny, Vague, and Debo, combine to present the hottest "Fem Cees" on the planet, hands down.

Transportation Matters Web TV that matters:

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