Monday, April 23, 2012

The Bad and The Good, Retreaded Tires

Always under constant scrutiny, the retreaded tire is vital product to America's, and the worlds trucking industry. But, when the worlds highway and interstate's become a literal dumping ground for this products debris causing life-cycle, the remains left on the highways can become dangerous.
  Bryce Anslinger, recent article at, entitled "Retread tire failure leads to deadly Northern Kentucky crash," give's us a reminder of the dangers that retreaded tire debris can cause.  Mr. Anslinger's report tells the story of how retread tire debris was sited as the cause of a fatal accident, when a driver stopped because of the debris and the car was rear-ended.
The manufactures of retread tires stand behind their product's and one such company shares in the video below how retreads are made and some of the safety factors and inspections that a done in the process of making a retreaded tire. 
 The trucking industry must weigh tire cost as one means of keeping prices for this service down, yet there is also a need to address these safety concerns. In the video found within Mr. Anslinger's post a highway patrolman gives us some good advice, that is not to swerve, take firm grip of the steering wheel and drive over the debris.

I agree with the officer above, that yes you may sustain some damage to your vehicle, but you will live to tell about it and possibly avoid harming your passengers and other motorists.  I'm going to heed this advice if I'm thrust into such a situation. I hope you Do Too!
 Thanks for viewing, the weathers breaking and driving is on the rise so please share this with friend's and family.

I Do We Do!

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