Friday, April 27, 2012

Scroll-Scroll-Scroll Your Comment Gently Down...NOT!

Surely I'm not the fastest typist, nor reader on the planet.  I'll even go so far as to admit, "I read very slowly, because I tend to focus more on comprehending the words set before me."

In this day and age and especially on that all to popular venue known as the internet, those walking in same shoes that I lace up, or reading in the same "slow reading" lane that I navigate, have a price to pay.  The frustration of trying to read ,while that article, and or post that grabbed your attention scrolls merrily-merrily-merrily down your content stream. 
 Even some of the worlds faster readers have been distracted for a split second, turned back to there screens and wondered, "where was I, or where did that article go that fast."  Some of these streaming networks that we all flock to have built in counter measures wherein one can set the rate with which his or her stream refreshes. That' a good thing.

But, then there are some of the newer and more popular streams that flow at their own pace, and the more people you follow the faster your stream tends to flow.  Like mother-nature, and those streams with refresh rate controls, all networks that deliver content should offer some sort of "bend in the stream" like mother-nature does, or the much appreciated "refresh rate control" we find on some streaming networks.
 This impediment is especially frustrating to deal with when one is attempting to type in a comment.  As a blogger I know how valuable this feedback is.  I would hate to think that bloggers are missing out on this source just because some would rather not attempt to comment because they know the frustration of trying to type while that comment box is continually rolling down the stream.

I'll go one further, and put myself on blast.  I've recently come to love G+, and as my circles get larger and more content is added to my stream, I can't keep up with the damn thing. So, what do I do?  I can't give it up.  Those that know the Gaming Oracle, know that I'm attempting to make injustice known.
 I can't allow my personal frustrations to prevent me from sharing my cause with those on G+.  Then again, maybe I just so damn busy with my cause that I just have not run across the "scroll rate control" option, or button on G+. Help, Help-Help!

I tend to think that the above is not the case, why?  Well for one I've taken the time to read Mr. Guy Kawasaki's book "What the Plus, Google+ for the Rest of Us."  Mr. Kawasaki covered several key advantages and benefits of using G+, but if memory serves me correctly, there was no mention of a "scroll rate control" option or button.  I'll double check, beside this make a great excuse for me to revisit this great read, "What the Plus."

Here on blogger one does not have to wrestle with the scrolling issue.  So, please if you know of a way to solve this please share.  If there is no solution, join me in making this issue known to G+ and maybe if we can get enough "+1's" on this topic google will hear our plea's.
 Thank you for viewing, and you may now rejoin your regular streaming network.
I Do We Do!

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