Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Do We Do Hopes To Do

Before I can truly explain to you what "I Do We Do" hopes to do, you must understand or have a feel for the premise, and basis of this inspiration.

I could not agree more with Mr. Guy Kawasaki that at some point or another, whether we are in an elevator, or not, we all get asked the question: "What do you do?"  The I Do We Do community #1 will seek to become a compilation of answers to this question as submitted by all of the individuals, businesses, and organizations that visit and become "Friends" or "Fans" of "I DoWe Do."

One can become a friend of "I Do We Do" by submitting a friend request to the "I Do We Do" community on Facebook.  The community can be followed on twitter @1Idowedo, and you may circle us on G+.  "Ido Wedo" is the [I Do We Do] username to find us under on G+.
 Some may choose to become "fans" of the "1 I Do We Do" page.  No matter which way you choose to view what's being posted to [I Do We Do], you will be able to view all the "what I do's" from all the individuals and organizations that are friends to the community. All of the postings marked public on  [I Do We Do] and [1 I Do We Do] become instant "Shout Out's" or "Tweets" on Twitter.  Some may choose to be friends of the community for this benefit alone, why not, one public post goes a lot further, and with half the effort.

Here at the blog you are reading now you will find stories related to some of the interesting post's or suggestions found on I Do We Do.  Like any well rounded newspaper or magazine this blog will cover story's relating to the following areas:

  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Food & Beverage
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • History
  • Internet
  • Meetings/Travel
  • Retail
  • Sales Marketing
  • Small Business
  • Telecom Wireless

The above list is not all inclusive, but I hope it wet's your appetite. This blog further hopes to serve as a guide to the I Do We Do community.  Exactly how this will be accomplished will be shaped by the growth and direction of the community itself.  Hence you will have input not only by being a friend or fan of the I Do We Do community but your posts may form the basis for articles here on the community's blog. 

I hope you are as excited about the potential of "I Do We Do" as I am.  I'm looking forward to, and I'm ready for the challenge of presenting this venue to you. Oh me, some know me already  as the man behind the blog "" I will continue to reveal injustice on that blog, but "I Do We Do" was an inspiration I had while reading Mr. Kawasaki's book "What the Plus." 

In closing I will ask, as I do in my other blog's, that you tell a friend or two about this site, especially if you have enjoyed  it.  No one appreciates your views and support more than the "Gaming Oracle" and now "I Do We Do."

Thank You,
I Do We Do!

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